The Angry God?

28th June 2017

This week I have been reading Psalm 78. This is a retelling of the relationship between God and Israel. It tracks how God miraculously brought the Jews out from being slaves in Egypt and His provision for them for over forty years whilst they were nomads. It concludes with them settling in a new land and King David becoming their ruler. Throughout this Psalm the writer reveals the nature of the relationship between Israel and God...

Their hearts were not really loyal to God; they did not keep his agreement.
Still God was merciful. He forgave their sins and did not destroy them.
Many times he held back his anger and did not stir up all his anger.
He remembered that they were only human, like a wind that blows and does not come back.
Psalm 78:37-39 The NCV Bible

Israel consistently rebelled against God, not doing what they said they would! The writer is very honest in saying that the actions of the Jews stirred up God’s anger! On first reading that can be quite shocking! However, as a parent, I can remember times when my children were younger when they did things that I was not pleased with. There were occasions when they made me angry by what they did or sometimes didn’t do! But, I never stopped loving them! We see this here with God. His love for Israel continued, as time after time he was merciful and forgiving to them. Today, God remains loving, merciful and forgiving. What a great God we have!

Gary Bastin - TC church leader

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