The answer to everything...

23rd May 2018

This week my devotionals had an exciting title….The answer to everything… focussing in on Job.

I remember the first time I read through the book of Job I thought I’d never read it again, it seemed to be just one argument after another as Job asked questions and he received various answers from various places and yet Job remained in pain and dissatisfied, until we get to Job 42:5:

‘My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you’

I wonder what would have happened if God had answered all the questions Job had. Job probably would have been satisfied for a while, but then more questions would have arisen – questions about God’s answers to his questions and on it would have gone. However, God never answered all of Job’s questions, He answered the real need of the questioner and provided a deeper knowledge of Himself. Job received not just truths but the Truth and that is the only experience that can truly satisfy the human heart. This is the answer to everything… that we know the Answerer… that we know God intimately, it’s as if God were saying to Job, ‘I will give you something better – I will give you Myself’. The more we know God the more we can trust Him when we have no answers. Not quite the answer I expected but one that stops us from asking more questions but rather to press in to God to get to know Him more.

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