The Antioch Call

As a family of churches in Basingstoke, our unique focus is that of being a 'sending' church; a church that releases and supports members working overseas. This 'Antioch Call'* has been an important part of our church make-up since the 1960's, first growing out of short-term teams working overseas and then developing into valuable relationships with both individuals and churches that continue to this day.

Some of our church have chosen to live permanently abroad so that they can establish their work or to continue what was started by others. With people involved in areas such as healthcare, special needs education, Bible teaching and community development, the missions are as individual as the people that lead them! At the moment, we actively support people working long-term in various places around the world while many of our young people also contribute through year teams in the UK and abroad, supporting and developing these individuals and the work that they do. These are often influential experiences as they broaden their understanding of the world, develop their skills and talents and learn more about God and themselves in the process.

This ‘sending out’ focus isn’t just global though, it’s also at the centre of our involvement with our community as we go about building relationships with the people around us. We’re committed to our local community and believe in the importance of individual relationships as well as broader, more structured involvement. We believe God speaks in and through our everyday lives; the work, rest and play that takes place exactly where we are, and we want to share that with the people around us.

* The ‘Antioch Call’ or ‘Antioch Vison’ refers to an emphasis on the sending out of various people from their home church (in this instance, Basingstoke Community Churches). An example of this is found in Acts 13:1-3 where individuals in the church are encouraged into a particular task, with the full support of the church they are going from.

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