Book Recommendations

Untamed by Alan & Debra Hirsch
This is a husband and wife joint venture that puts the importance of discipleship firmly back on the map but in the different context of missional church. Discipleship has been (and maybe still is) viewed as going off in teams to be exposed to 'doing' evangelism in a third world country. Another view has been that the Western church has become so domesticated that the command to "go and make disciples of all nations" has been diluted or even lost. Hirsch and Hirsch prophetically provoke and cut across these views of discipleship with an uncomfortable read that challenged my safeness (and I'm generally too safe.....!). I have read this book a couple of times. It has sound theology but most of all it is very practical, with every chapter ending with suggested practices and questions for group discussions. Dont read this if you wish to remain a cosy Christian. (Adrian Webb, Town Centre Community Church) 

Living At The Crossroads by Craig Bartholomew & Michael W. Goheen
This excellent book follows on from The Drama of Scripture by the same authors. Starting from God’s intention to redeem and restore the whole of His good creation, it shows how the Gospel is not just a matter of individual salvation but truth for the public sphere as well as the private. It traces the story of Western culture from the classical period to postmodernity and explores how Christians can affirm what is valuable in contemporary culture, while also recognising and challenging its idolatries. The authors examine the implications for key areas of life, such as education, business, scholarship, economics, politics, and church. Highly thought-provoking, this book helps us examine whether our own worldview is truly biblical and identify and challenge the opposing worldviews that dominate Western society. A vital aid to understanding the times we live in and how God would have us respond to them. (Andy Mackintosh, South Basingstoke Community Church)  

Finding Sanctuary by Abbot Christopher Jamison
This is a practical yet inspirational book, which simply communicates the profound wisdom of St Benedict. It progresses constructively with seven clear steps, each sharing a valuable lesson from the monastery and relating it to our modern, hectic lives. Abbot Jamison provides generous insights on how to build a sanctuary or sacred space within our private world, where we can go to centre ourselves and find the presence of God, as a pre-requisite to living daily life with integrity and faith. (Helen Holley, East Basingstoke Community Church)


God Stories by Andrew Wilson
God Stories is a wonderful read which explores the big story of the Bible through many smaller stories of the Bible. Wilson who is a teacher/elder in a large church in Eastboure is an expressive writer who brings alive the Word through his use of story, humour and down to earth style. It is not a heavy theological book rather a readable bite size chunk at a time style that is grouped very easily into 5 parts. Many of the chapters could be used as read alouds during a sermon or to inspect further in a small group setting. (Earl Robinson, West Basingstoke Community Church)


This Beautiful Mess by Rick McKinley
This Beautiful Mess digs into the reality of the Kingdom coming to earth today. It is written by the pastor of the church that famed author Donal Miller (Blue Like Jazz and others) attends, an inner city church in Portland, Oregon USA. McKinley brings the word alive through numerous stories of redemption, living with difficultly, standing by others and being change makers in society. It is chock full of great personal, church and city wide examples of the Kingdom of God coming to the earth here and now. (Earl Robinson, West Basingstoke Community Church)


Chrysalis by Alan Jamieson
This is a must read for anyone who has walked or is walking with a Christian who is in a troubling spot in life. Chrysalis is a book about transformation, and how it often takes place through the difficulties of life. The book uses the metaphor of the butterfly compared to our spiritual lives, from the infancy of the larvae to the chyrsalis shaping period, to the growth of the caterpillar and the eventual flying of the full grown butterfly. It teaches using stories, examples of others who have walked in difficulty and brings an understanding to our growth as Christians primarily happening in tough times. (Earl Robinson, West Basingstoke Community Church)


 Your Church Is Too Safe by Mark Buchanan
(Phil Norris, East Basingstoke Community Church)




Simply Christian by Tom Wright
(Phil Norris, East Basingstoke Community Church)




Reversed Thunder by Eugene Peterson
(Phil Norris, East Basingstoke Community Church)




A Community Called Atonement by Scot McKnight
(Dan Wake, South Basingstoke Community Church)




The Holy Wild by Mark Buchanan
(Dan Wake, South Basingstoke Community Church)




The Drama of Scripture by Craig Bartholomew & Michael W. Goheen
(Dan Wake, South Basingstoke Community Church)

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