Christian Apologetics Conference, 12-13 March 2010

Following the "Beyond Dawkins . . ." and "Tough Question" talks given across the Basingstoke churches over the last two winters, Rev. David Robertson led two workshops on Christian Apologetics over 12th and 13th March 2010. David is a columnist, debater and author of "The Dawkins Letters" in which he brings persuasive and reasoned arguments for the Christian faith in response to Richard Dawkins' polemic book "The God Delusion". He lectures in apologetics at Christian Heritage in Cambridge and is renowned for his straight-talking and easy style. David is also pastor of St. Peter's Free Church of Scotland in Dundee.

To listen to 'An open door' (session 1) click here.

To listen to 'An open door' (session 2) click here.

To listen to 'Roadblock?' (session 3) click here.

To listen to 'Roadblock?' (session 4) click here.

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