Church Administration

Administration has a bad press generally. Many people will react negatively if you ask them about it. This often arises from the standpoint commonly held towards administration in the wider world where we too often experience unhelpful bureaucracy and ‘jobs-worthy’ attitudes. This is not the biblical pattern!

Good church administration should provide a structure to facilitate vision, purpose and ministry and not be an end in itself. It should ‘provide a platform for others to minister on’. Ideally it should be unseen as much as possible, smoothing the way for users and beneficiaries, and not putting obstacles in their paths. Let us together demonstrate a different way, a Kingdom way!

The two documents available here for downloading have been written by Mike Poulton after over 30 years’ experience in church administration (15 of those in Basingstoke). The ‘Adventure in Church Administration’ is a mix of a personal journey and helpful hints towards having a good administrator in the church, plus lots of ‘how to’ tips. The ‘Event Planning Guide’ covers many of the issues around planning events.

If you would like more help with this subject generally, please feel free to get in touch with Mike using the contact form.

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