Core Commitments

One of the roles of leadership is to help set culture. You could simply define that as ‘the way we do things around here.’ This culture is formed out of beliefs, values, and practices that form the core commitments of our churches. This is how we want to live together in our part of the family of God!

This document seeks to set these out in a clear way, whilst recognising they are both descriptive and aspirational. We have not arrived and we know God will cause us to re-visit different aspects from time to time. Yet we trust it gives a flavour of who we are.

We have deliberately set our family of churches within the larger Christian community of evangelicals and charismatics. You will find what some call the ‘crown jewels’ of the Christian faith in those sections. The final section sets out some things which are important to us as Basingstoke Community Churches (BCCs), things that may distinguish us and that we may contribute to the wider body of Christ, even as we receive from others.

The different sections build on one another and are largely non-repetitive. For example if mission is listed in one section it doesn’t need mentioning again.

We trust you will receive this document as intended; namely to bring some clarity to who we are without wanting to alienate those who God brings to us who think differently. We are not trying to write a new law, but to capture something of who we are and have become in God.

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