Eat, Drink, Work, Repeat

4th August 2017

This week I have been reading Ecclesiastes. It is located in the Old Testament and it’s title means ‘Teacher’. It’s a philosophical and theological reflection on life from an old man known as the ‘Teacher’, who many believe to be King Solomon. In chapter two the ‘Teacher’ looks at work and toil...

The best that people can do is eat, drink, and enjoy their work. I saw that even this comes from God, because no one can eat or enjoy life without him.
Ecclesiastes 2:24-25 The NCV Bible

The ‘Teacher’ observed that people soon forget about much of what was done in someone’s lifetime! It does all seem a little bleak from this perspective. But the ‘Teacher’ is making the point that if life is not cantered on God then it is ‘meaningless’ and without purpose. The ‘Teacher’ states that the everyday things of life, when seen as gift from God, become valued and purposeful. So enjoy your next meal, your next drink and your work, as it is a gift from God!

Gary Bastin - TC church leader

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