Encounter the God of the Exodus, 4-5 March 2011

This event was a dramatic portrayal of the book of Exodus at The Sarum Hill Centre. Simon Shaw (Principal) and Dave Perry (Theological Dean) at Salt & Light King’s Bible College & Training Centre (KBCTC) in Oxford are passionate about seeing the Word and the Spirit come together, bringing the pages of scripture alive. Over 24 hours they unpacked stories of the people of God and lead those present in worshipping the God of the Exodus. Please click on a link to listen to the various sessions, and look at the accompanying PPT slides too (in PDF format).

To listen to session 1 'Out of Egypt' click here.

To listen to session 2 'Exodus in the Big Story' click here.

To listen to session 3 'Worshipping the God of the Exodus' click here.

To listen to session 4 'Why God did it' click here.

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