FNW - Stories of God at work

14th June 2016

At our May FNW we were joined by Katheribe Ruonala. Here are three stories of what God at the gathering...

“I had been completely deaf in my left ear for a few weeks and Katherine asked if there was someone in the congregation with a deaf ear. I immediately felt God pulling on my heart as this was me! I went forward and Katherine laid hands on my ear and began to pray. Immediately I felt the fire of God rushing through my body it was very real. I also felt things moving in my ear. She then whispered in my deaf ear and I covered up my other ear and I could hear clearly what she was saying!! There was no way I would have been able to hear that before hand and I would struggle to hear someone speaking on that side without my other ear covered up!! Praise God!!
The amazing thing was that my ear wasn't fully healed as it was still partially deaf but there had been significant improvement. After Katherine had finished praying I still felt the fire of God for a while after and this was incredible. It was so real!! I really believe that God was doing something more significant than just touching my ear. The touch of the Holy Spirit was amazing. God is so good!!!”

“I'd (perhaps in advisedly) recently started playing 5-a-side with some guys from work. However, I soon found my left knee ligament getting painful (I guess from all the twisting and turning). I stopped playing, but the knee was still painful, particularly when kept in one position for a while - which is a problem as I have an hour's commute to & from work each day! While Katherine was praying on Friday night, I thought I'd just quietly join in and put my hand on my knee, which had earlier been ‘twinging’ from sitting in one position in the chairs in the URC. Next thing I know, Katherine is looking straight at me and saying something about God healing a knee - and I realised that the ligament no longer hurt!”

“My dad has been deaf in his left ear for the last 14 years and I've spent my childhoood adapting to that in little ways - such as being ignored if I'm sitting on his left side on the sofa. Last night mum and dad went to church and came back after I'd gone to bed. This morning I was slightly astonished when I came down to breakfast and was asked to whisper something into my dad's left ear whilst he held his hand over his right. AND HE HEARD ME!!! Praise God for the power of healing through Jesus' name!!!”

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