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Focus is published about five times a year. It's a way of keeping everyone in BCCs aware of what God is doing in each of the regional churches, what they're involved in across the world, and what we as BCCs are doing together.

  1. Focus Spring 2017

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    Published on 1st March 2017

    It’s Spring and the new issue of ‘Focus’ is here! This edition is all about ’Discipleship’. Jesus drew together a group of 12 disciples and He shared life, invested, trained and eventually charged them to continue what He started! His last words on the earth were to ‘Go and make Disciples’. So what does that mean for us a 21 Century Christians? ‘Focus’ aims to explore this and help apply it to our lives today. This issue also celebrates the first birthday of the ‘Open House’ church plant. It also has all its regular features too. Read, think, pray and ‘Go and make Disciples’!

  2. Focus Christmas 2016

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    Published on 23rd November 2016

    Hark! The Christmas issue of Focus has arrived with great tidings of comfort and joy! This traditional festive goody is titled: ‘The art of giving’ offering inspirational and practical ways that you can ‘give’ this Christmastime. It begins with an exclusive interview with the ‘big man’ himself, Saint Nicholas! There’s an feature on the inter-church ‘Night Light Winter Shelter’ offering a accommodation to the homeless in Basingstoke this winter. We dig deeper into the ‘Messiah’ and see how the birth of Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies. There’s lots of other Christmas treats to warm your heart and provide a worshipful Christmas soundtrack for all your festive activities...Merry Christmas!

  3. Focus Autumn 2016

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    Published on 22nd September 2016

    This issue of Focus is titled; 'Confidence in the Gospel' The ‘big interview’ is with Yinka Oyekan, pastor of The Gate Church in Reading (just up the road from us!) who has seen God on the move evangelistically! There are helpful articles, which are tools to help you share the ‘good news’ of Jesus. There are some fantastic stories of God at work too! There is information about ‘The Normal Christian Life Conference’ coming up soon and ‘Who Cares?’ an inter-church ‘mission’ planned for 2017! There is feedback from this summer’s ‘Transform’ event as well as loads more...

  4. Focus Summer 2016

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    Published on 30th June 2016

    The summer issue of ‘Focus’ is titled ‘Go into all the nations!’. Jesus said that in Matthew 28 where he commissioned his Disciples to take the ‘gospel’ globally! We unpack what this means for us today. The ‘Big Interview’ is with Dave Richards (former leader of the BCC), who now travels internationally helping churches grow and develop. There are stories from people who are part of BCCs but live abroad as well as those who have recently visited them. The ‘nations’ are also on our doorstep so there are features on how we are getting involved here. May you be encouraged at what is going on around the world and provoked into how God may want you to ‘Go into all the nations!’

  5. Focus Easter 2016

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    Published on 18th March 2016

    Happy Easter! It’s that egg-cellent time of the year when we ‘focus’ on the victory of the cross by the death and resurrection of Jesus! The ‘Big Interview’ is with Rachel Jordan who works for the Church of England as National Advisor for Mission and Evangelisms. She gets eggs-cited about Easter as it’s all about the good news of Jesus! There are loads of eggs-traordinary artilcles all about Easter story and message. There’s stuff for our younger readers, including another competition to help them get into Easter. And don’t forget to check out the ten top Easter Songs - which ones will you be singing? Happy eggs-hilarating reading...

  6. Focus Spring 2016

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    Published on 5th February 2016

    Spring is on its way and the new issue of ‘Focus’ is out now! This edition is titled ‘Mission Possible’. Our ‘Big Interview’ is with Gavin Calver (the Evangelical Alliance’s Director of Evangelism). At the start of this year we have asked people across nine generations for their hope and dreams for 2016! There’s also an update of some of the ‘missional’ activities going on across Basingstoke, perhaps you can get involved? Look out for BCCs latest church plant ‘Open House’. All the regular favourites are there too! So read, be inspired and take action... ‘Mission Possible’!

  7. Focus Christmas 2015

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    Focus Christmas 2015 cover

    Published on 26th November 2015

    The Christmas issue of ‘Focus’ has arrived stuffed with all things Christmassy! The ‘Big Interview’ is with Catherine Gladwell, founder and director of Refugee Support Network. With the current Refugee crisis in Europe, Catherine speaks of how she is sharing ‘Hope’ this Christmas. Look out for ways in which can help too! There are other Christmas features including five ‘contemporary’ stories of Jesus’ birth. Want to dig a little deeper into the first Christmas then read up on ‘Zechariah’s song’! We have a special Christmas competition and if you pick up printed copy there is a FREE gift...for you to give away! If this doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, then nothing will...Merry Christmas!

  8. Focus Autumn 2015

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    autumn 2015

    Published on 24th September 2015

    This Autumn ‘Focus’ is all about ‘Talking with God’ (AKA prayer). It’s packed with creative ideas on how to spice up your prayer life! It covers many aspects of prayer including, The Lord’s Prayer, praying on the streets and what happens when prayers are not answered? The ‘Big Interview’ is with Brian Heasley (the National Director of 24/7 Prayer). Look out for stories from the summer’s ‘Transform’ camp, and don’t forget the completion...with Minions! All the regular updates and information from across BCCs helping you keep up to date. So as the nights draw in, snuggle under a blanket and enjoy a good read...

  9. Focus Summer 2015

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    Published on 25th June 2015

    Hello Summer! Hello Focus! This issue is all about the Bible. For Christians the Bible is very important. But, what is it exactly? We know we should read it, but how and which version should we use? What about on-line Bible study tools, are they helpful? How does the Bible shape life today? We explore these questions and other aspects of this great piece of literature. We hear from expert Bible teacher Dave Perry as well as bunch of Bible students from across our churches. There are articles from The King’s School and the corporate youth team. This issue also includes our regular items as well as what has been going on across BCCs. So apply your sun cream, grab your shades and cold drink and enjoy a good read...

  10. Focus Easter 2015

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    Published on 18th March 2015

    Hooray it’s the Eggs-citing Easter issue of Focus, filled with Egg-cellent articles on all things Eastery! Look out for a special ‘hunt the chick’ competition for our younger readers to enter, with a prize for the winner! Further in there are great articles from around our churches. There’s a report on the School of Supernatural Ministry & Mission with amazing stories of what God is doing! We check in with the BCCs Youth and The King’s School to see what they are up to. As a little taster, you can find out who will be speaking at this summer’s ‘Transform’ event. Plus there is information about BCCs coming events and a whole lot more. Happy Eggs-hilarating reading...

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