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Focus is published about five times a year. It's a way of keeping everyone in BCCs aware of what God is doing in each of the regional churches, what they're involved in across the world, and what we as BCCs are doing together.

  1. Focus Summer 2015

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    Published on 25th June 2015

    Hello Summer! Hello Focus! This issue is all about the Bible. For Christians the Bible is very important. But, what is it exactly? We know we should read it, but how and which version should we use? What about on-line Bible study tools, are they helpful? How does the Bible shape life today? We explore these questions and other aspects of this great piece of literature. We hear from expert Bible teacher Dave Perry as well as bunch of Bible students from across our churches. There are articles from The King’s School and the corporate youth team. This issue also includes our regular items as well as what has been going on across BCCs. So apply your sun cream, grab your shades and cold drink and enjoy a good read...

  2. Focus Easter 2015

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    Published on 18th March 2015

    Hooray it’s the Eggs-citing Easter issue of Focus, filled with Egg-cellent articles on all things Eastery! Look out for a special ‘hunt the chick’ competition for our younger readers to enter, with a prize for the winner! Further in there are great articles from around our churches. There’s a report on the School of Supernatural Ministry & Mission with amazing stories of what God is doing! We check in with the BCCs Youth and The King’s School to see what they are up to. As a little taster, you can find out who will be speaking at this summer’s ‘Transform’ event. Plus there is information about BCCs coming events and a whole lot more. Happy Eggs-hilarating reading...

  3. Focus - Winter 2015

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    Published on 28th January 2015

    Here’s a nice little winter warmer...the latest issue of Focus! At the beginning of a another year we asked Phil Norris to open with some thoughts and ‘vision’ for us as Basingstoke Community Churches. This is followed by updates from a variety of ‘missional’ things taking place in our area. Further in we get to meet some people! Firstly it’s more of the BCCs corporate youth team, then the new King’s School Executive and finally Andy Wright from South BCC. As always, this issue includes many regular including reviews, updates and what’s going on across our family of churches. So light a fire, put the kettle on and snuggle up with Focus!

  4. Focus - Christmas 2014

    Download "Focus - Christmas 2014" Edition

    Published on 26th November 2014

    Packed like Bethlehem for the census - it’s the Christmas edition of Focus! We begin with a thought provoking article from retired King’s School teacher Simon Aspray. There’s a advent prayer guide to help you keep focused on Jesus this December and pages of other Christmas related reading! Want a ‘fairer’ Christmas? Then look out for social justice and fairtrade articles! The BCCs youth has a gallery of images captured over the last few months and there articles on family issues such as being a mum and adoption. For those who like ‘number crunching’ check out the BCCs finance report too (something to do after Christmas day lunch perhaps?) Happy Christmas reading!

  5. Focus - Autumn 2014

    Download "Focus - Autumn 2014" Edition

    Published on 27th September 2014

    Autumn’s ‘Focus’ is a bumper harvest of delights. It begins with a look at ‘Seasons’ asking how can we find God in this cycle of life? There are encouraging reports from this summer’s ‘Transform’ Bible week and a variety of ‘mission’ trips abroad. We are introduced to another member of the BCCs Youth Team and the new head teacher of The King’s School! There’s a provoking article about adoption as well as some recommended listening and reading ideas. As the nights get shorter check out the Autumnal creative ideas. We also announce the winner of our first competition. So draw the curtains, put the kettle and snuggle up to this latest issue of ‘Focus’...

  6. Focus - Summer 2014

    Download "Focus - Summer 2014" Edition

    Published on 1st July 2014

    Packed more tightly than a small suitcase it’s the summer edition of ‘Focus’! The main theme is about ‘the presence of God’. A variety of people seek to unpack what this means. There is a provoking article about the use of ‘Tongues’ and an encouraging story too. Check out some ideas of things to do with little children this summer. We also meet Mark & Lynne Jones from the BCCs Youth Team. There are two pages devoted to the internet called ‘the Digital Page’ and a tribute to the retiring head teacher of The King’s School. Don’t miss the first ‘Focus’ competition - with a prize! Grab your shades, slap on your sun cream and enjoy the read!

  7. Focus - Easter 2014

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    Published on 7th April 2014

    The Easter edition of Focus is out now and is a whopping 20 pages! Five pages are dedicated to Easter with contributions that help you to reflect, think and celebrate as well as something to make, share and eat. There is an Easter Egg hunt for all children to enter, with a prize for the winner. We meet Dan & April Raine the BCCs youth team leaders. There is something on how to move in the Holy Spirit, and another contribution from the ‘Rewire’ team. Read about the new ‘Be Sharpe’ and BCCs Internship Programme initiatives too and don’t miss a moving piece from Simon Aspray. Plus there is information about BCCs coming events and a whole lot more. Happy Easter reading...

  8. Focus - Spring 2014

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    Published on 11th February 2014

    Here is the spring edition of Focus! Once again it’s packed full of articles and reports from our shared life across the Community Churches! We begin with a provoking piece from Phil Norris entitled ‘God is Mission’! Inside we meet the newly appointed leaders of North BCC - Robin and Margie Mendelsohn. There is news on the re-launching of the BCC youth work as well as articles on hope, dealing with depression and parenting! Not to mention a report on The King’s School skiing trip, this year’s summer ‘Transform’ event and lots more too...

  9. Focus - Christmas 2013

    Download "Focus - Christmas 2013" Edition

    Published on 29th November 2013

    It’s Christmas! This festive edition of Focus is stuffed like juicy turkey! Pick up your copy in one of our churches or read/download here! It begins with a ‘bell ringing’ article from Earl Robinson (leader of Community Church ‘west’) followed by an Advent prayer guide as well as a list of all Christmas events and activities across our churches. There are so fabulous testimonies of God in action here and abroad too! For those who want to know more about what we believe take a look at the article on our ‘core commitments’. Finally there is the annual overview of our accounts (in easy to understand pictures!) and updates from all that is happening in our six churches...Happy Christmas reading!

  10. Focus - Autumn 2013

    Download "Focus - Autumn 2013" Edition

    Published on 25th September 2013

    Welcome to the autumn issue of Focus. Pick up your copy in one of our churches or read/download here! We begin with a provoking article all about ‘change’ from Dan Wake (BCCs training team leader and SouthBCC admin). You can find out the latest on the ‘Going More Missional’ initiative. There are several reports on what some did during the summer, as well as a roundup of other activities! For those already thinking about Christmas there is a book and CD recommendation. Finally there are prayer pointers and updates from all that is happening in our six on and be encouraged!

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