Lift up your Voices

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'Lift up your Voices' was a recording produced by singers and musicians from Basingstoke Community Church in the 1970s. It was only produced as a cassette and the cover notes state 'It was recorded at Sarum Hill Recording Studios with the aim to bless the body of Christ locally'. Here it is in a digital format for some to remember and for others to discover...enjoy!

1. You are the King of Glory 02:37
2. I will offer / Holy, holy, holy / I exalt Thee 08:54
3. Lift up your voices 02:13
4. When I feel the touch (solo: Jane Humphreys) 03:02
5. How lovely are Thy dwelling places / There is none holy as the Lord 05:20
6. Great and Wonderful 03:29
7. Lord God, heavenly King / Praise Him, worship Him 03:55
8. Let there be glory / Keep your light 02:09
9. Thank You, Jesus 01:08
10. Praise You, Father 01:53
11. Humble yourselves, therefore 02:15
12. You shall go out with joy 03:01
13. The greatest thing (solo: Roy Heather) 02:50
14. We give thanks to Thee 02:20
15. Those who trust 01:59
16. Allelujah, my Father 02:32
17. Jesus took my empty life (solo: Jane Humphreys) 03:18
18. The steadfast love 01:50
19. King of kings 03:06

Total time 57:51

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