The Lost Book

5th July 2017

This week I have been reading 2 Kings. This second book of Kings tracks the history of Israel as a divided Kingdom (Israel and Judah) listing the various monarchs. The book tells us they were either good or bad Kings. A good King followed the ways of King David, serving God, and bad ones did not! Chapter 22 introduces us to Josiah, who was the 16th King of Judah. He was a good King! Josiah had sent his secretary Shaphan to the high priest Hilkiah to get some money to pay for some restoration work on the Temple in Jerusalem. On Shaphan’s arrival...

Hilkiah the high priest said to Shaphan the royal secretary, “I’ve found the Book of the Teachings in the Temple of the Lord.” He gave it to Shaphan, who read it.
2 Kings 22:8 The NCV Bible

Shaphan returned to King Josiah with this book, which the King read and discovered that it this was the very ‘book’ that God had given to Moses hundreds of years before. This was God’s commandment and Laws for His people! Immediately Josiah put into action all that was in the book and there was a might purge of anything ungodly in Judah. He also reinstating the various festivals found in the ‘book’! Two things stand out to me from this story: The first is that the Judah had lost and forgotten this important ‘book’ and were carrying on with life without reading of following its instructions. The second is Josiah’s speedy response to get right before God once the ‘book’ was discovered. For Christians, our book is the Bible. Do you live like Judah? Have you lost or forgotten the Bible and living life without it? If so perhaps you need to find it again, read it and apply its teachings to your life! The Bible is our book. Please don’t ever forget it!

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