Phase 3 - What we've done so far

Spring 2006 - Launch party!

Sit down meal with wine, live jazz, Dave Richards speaking (available on CD), prophetic ministry

Autumn 2006

Cheese & wine buffet supper with Steve Thomas & Roger Cole speaking & ministering (available on CD), prophetic ministry.

Spring 2007

Sit down meal with wine, testimonies shared, opportunities explained, prophetic ministry to encourage & guide.

Summer 2007

Seminar at ‘28:18 No limits’ conference to ‘roll out’ the Phase 3 vision across Salt & Light

Autumn 2007

‘Goals in extra time’ day conference in association with local churches & Christian Vocations,presenting exciting ways we use our skills, experience & maturity at home & overseas.

Summer 2008

‘How God Guides’ Saturday morning breakfast event with Dave Oliver speaking, with prayer and prophetic ministry.

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