Potter & Clay

4th October 2017

This week I have been reading Jeremiah. He was an Old Testament prophet used by God to tell Judah of a forthcoming invasion. It was a dark time for Judah as they had turned away from following God for many years, resulting in neighbouring Babylon conquering them. Through tears, Jeremiah brought a devastating message to them of judgement. In chapter 18 God told Jeremiah to visit a potter’s house...

So I went down to the potter’s house and saw him working at the potter’s wheel. He was using his hands to make a pot from clay, but something went wrong with it. So he used that clay to make another pot the way he wanted it to be. Then the Lord spoke his word to me: “Family of Israel, can’t I do the same thing with you?” says the Lord. “You are in my hands like the clay in the potter’s hands.
Jeremiah 18:3-6 The NCV Bible

Through this powerful image God showed Jeremiah His sovereignty and relationship with Judah: God is the potter and His people are the clay! We can forget that God is still the potter! The message of this day and age seems to say that we should be at the ‘centre’ of our world. However, we as Christians have a different perspective. We believe that this world belongs to God and we live to discover His unfolding plan for us: God is the potter and we are the clay!

Gary Bastin - TC church leader

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