Praise under pressure

10th May 2018

This week at TC we are looking at suffering as we continue our summer series 'Philippians - the joyful life' which made me think that suffering is not something that we would rush to listen to, we would probably prefer a more comforting title. During suffering and challenging times our preference would be to have a moan and groan and yet in Acts 16 we read that ' Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening' (v25). There are times when it takes all our willpower to praise, yet when we choose to honour God despite our circumstances and our feelings things inevitably start to change. God might not send an earthquake (as He does here in Acts), in fact things might not change outwardly at all - but through the power that lies in praise, God changes us and helps us to see things differently. Often it is this change in perspective that can lead to or even become our solution. We also read that others were listening too as Paul and Silas were praising, when we can praise God despite our circumstances, people take notice and we have the opportunity to share of our hope and faith in Christ. Praise under pressure is a powerful thing as is our testimony as to our trust in God... our anchor in the storms of life.

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