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We believe that God wants to speak to and lead His people at any time and in any place. These stories are encounters that the students have had as the Spirit has led them to share and pray for those around them, revealing God’s love for a world in need.

21/08/2015 – Paul
This evening I was walking with my dog and met up with several of the lads I had met previously. T.... asked me to pray for his neck as he had woken up with a stiff neck and couldn't turn his head properly. Could I say a prayer for it? I then told him that God was on his case and that meeting me was not an accident. I prayed that he would be filled with God's joy. After praying a second time for his neck I left with him telling me that he would be telling me tomorrow how he was. What was funny was the reaction of the other lads whilst I was praying for T. They acted as if this was the most ordinary thing to happen. The other people that I have met over the last couple of weeks have been mostly indifferent. So we're just sowing seeds. Love to see some harvest as well and would love to see God working in people's lives more obviously.

17/08/2015 – Sarah
Last week I had a very interesting encounter in Asda! I was showing off my Transform injury to a friend, a massive bruise on my thigh from falling out of the caravan on the last morning! A gentleman noticed and came up to me making a joke about hitching a lift!!
He was 76 and we got talking. He used to go to church years ago and has dabbled in the spiritualist church and Islam. He has a faith in God and professed to be a Christian, although he doesn't worship anywhere at the moment. He lost his wife two years ago and called himself a bit of a hermit. He had frozen shoulder which I was able to pray for. God bless this man.

11/08/2015 – Ann
At swimming pool I met a lovely lady and her son. She had heard of Su Forbes and knew her husband and sons "had great faith". I shared Jesus with her and she said she needed a miracle. I happened to mention that Paul walks around Chineham with the dog and the 16 year old boy said "is that the miracle man?" He had several friends who had been healed praying with Paul. What an amazing chance I had to talk to them both. Thank you Jesus.

25/06/2015 – Paul
On my walk yesterday, I met up with an old work colleague whom I worked alongside from 1978 (we did some projects together during the late 80s). Anyway it turned out he was just recovering from some abdominal surgery. I prayed for him beside the road there. I pray that this encounter will mature into a solid relationship with Jesus. After all these years we end up living about a mile apart. I then prayed with a man who was on his way to visit his friend who was very ill with cancer. I ended up with yet another Big Issue from Anna. It seems after a few days when I have not spoken with anyone that suddenly I get to speak with two people on the same day.

12/05/2015 – Sarah
Today I went into town and it was lovely to see Ann and Margaret and encourage and pray with each other. On the way I prayed and said to God I was available. I went up to a lady and soon after, her husband joined us. We had a good chat and many of her family members had died, including siblings, who had died younger than expected.
The lady was aged 63. One of her sisters was a Christian and she said she used to talk about Jesus, but Margaret found this hard that her sister had died and knew God. They were open though. They didn't have anything specific to pray for, so I prayed a blessing on them both, for good health and told them lots that Jesus loved them :-) After praying, the chap gave me a hug! Thank you God. Your love is truly amazing!

27/04/2015 – Paul
I have just met the third self-declared atheist in six days. An interesting statistical cluster. As the YouTube video says, "God loves atheists."

27/04/2015 – Tony
I went out walking in the woods that surrounds our hospital feeling restless. When I got near the hospice I heard a loud scream of a girl. Trying to find the source in case someone was in danger I came across seven teenagers smoking and frolicking around. I said to them jokingly that I thought someone was being raped. They all laughed and gave a crude answer.
Moving on I thought, why not, yes, so I asked them if they had heard of Jesus. All of them had so I asked them what they thought of Him. One girl said crap but some said He was a nice person. I then thought of Paul Raine praying for God’s blessing on people so I asked that if any wanted God’s blessing to step forward. After asking a few questions about evil, the big bang and does God love homosexuals (yes), three came forward for prayer. But before I prayed, the other four came forward also so I did my prayer. Can’t say what happened. Some were giggling and some looked serious. Then I set up to pray for the one who needed a pretty serious healing. I prayed for her back and suggested she move a little to see what was happening. She said it felt good. So quitting while I was winning I made my departure.

26/04/2015 – Chris
After a meeting I was praying for a very needy lady who asked for healing for asthma. I prayed but then felt "3 years". I asked through an interpreter if anything had happened three years ago. She answered "no." I still felt "3 years" because I didn't bother about how I looked and wasn't worried about seeming foolish (we're successful if we're obedient!!) I asked if anything had happened to her when she was three years old. Bracing myself for another "No" she said "oh yes, I was brought up in an orphanage and someone threw me against a wall". I was able to tell her how much Jesus loved her that He had known about it, felt her pain and had shown us this morning so we could pray for healing. She was moved to tears and we had some good prayer. She said that since that time she had felt rejection and an outsider. When I told her that she was overflowing with acceptance she was in tears but had a smile on her face.

22/04/2015 – Hazel
Remember the story I told you about the lady who was following me saying she felt she didn't want to live any more? Well, as I went in to London Street today, she was coming towards me!! She saw me first and came straight up and gave me a very big hug and said she was really helped by our previous meeting!! I couldn't believe God’s timing!! She is acknowledging that God is on her case!

22/04/2015 – Ann
After a brilliant morning with Hazel I was on fire! I prayed for a man I know at swimming and for his wife who has health problems. I then took the dog out and spoke to a lady sitting on a bench with her baby. I feel so excited at the possibilities of what God can do in people’s lives in Basingstoke!!! Go people. Ann x

22/04/2015 – Sarah
Just prayed with my hairdresser whose nan has 6 months to live. She got emotional and was so appreciative saying 'what a lovely thing to do'. Didn't expect that reaction after previous conversations!
Just prayed with the man behind the desk in the sorting office, while collecting a parcel! He had a bad knee.

22/04/2015 – Chris
I couldn't sleep last night and enjoyed just reaching out to God and listening to Him and telling Him how wonderful He is! Suddenly I felt He said "Maria. Pick out Maria". This morning there was one available seat (20 people) and the lady sitting next to me was introduced as "Maria". I had forgotten the word in the night for the first few minutes then it suddenly dawned on me! In the break, I told her how special she was for God to tell me about her in the night then have me sit right next to her. I asked if I could pray for her and was able to prophesy into her life. She started to cry and explain that she was from the Bread church where the pastor has recently died in India. She herself is recovering from burnout and really needed to hear God. It was a very special time.

22/04/2015 – Margie
I've just got back from an exciting dog walk. About 10 months ago I met a lady whilst walking my dog. She's about my age and suffers with MS. We chatted for about 20 minutes and since that time we've met for coffee every 2-3 weeks. She knows I'm a Christian but it's never felt the right time to pray with her until this morning. I bumped into her and whilst chatting, she mentioned she'd had a flare up of her MS but was much better now. I asked if I could pray and she threw her arms around me and said "Yes please." I was able to pray for her joints but more than that, I prayed for the love of Jesus to overwhelm her and told her how much God loves her. She was so moved. I’m so excited because she is someone who from the first time I met her, I felt God’s love for her.

22/04/2015 - Phil
On the train, I sat on a seat by the window and wondered who God would bring to the seat next to me. A young lad at uni going for interview in London sat by me. He was into running! We chatted nearly the whole way. I prayed for him and then later told him that I had been wondering who God would bring for me to chat to. It wasn’t a deeply spiritual conversation, more like a first step on the ladder to show him there are people like us around!

22/04/2015 – Tony
Feeling a bit discouraged walking with Paul through town, when just then, a lady I used to work with made a beeline for me. I hadn't seen her for six months. She said her husband had had a heart attack today and was in town to get some pyjamas to take to the hospital. Apparently he had only just survived. We prayed for him and for her. I gave her my number in case he was open to prayer at the hospital. I never really had a good opportunity to share when I worked with her but something was happening here. Afterwards, I went to the top of town and I spoke to a young man outside the coffee place about Jesus and we had a good discussion. I was able to give him my Why Jesus leaflet which I had in my pocket.

15/04/2015 – Tony
Yesterday after leaving the school to catch a bus home, I passed a man leaning against a pillar. I walked passed him then thought I should stop. I went back and asked him if he was alright. He said he’s been off work for two weeks with a bad back so I asked if I could pray for him. He said it’s alright so I said that’s okay, smiled and walked on. Where’s the miracle? The miracle is that I was not offended or deflated which I would have been in the past, as I felt sure I had been led by God.

15/04/2015 Chris
I had a good "God-meeting-up" with a guy called J****, in Morrisons yesterday. A couple of us in the group have had contact with him and he has been to TC about 4 times. He introduced me to his partner and Dave talked to him and I talked to her for about ten minutes. She totally opened up about her life.

14/04/2015 Phil
Well I’ve had an interesting day! I was heading off to London this afternoon and got off at Clapham to go to Willesden but just missed the train as it was pulling out of the station. So I decided I would stand in the sun waiting for the next train. A fellow came up and followed suit so I engaged him in conversation. It turned out he was a Muslim, had been in UK for 19 years, works as a chef and was originally from Gambia. We got on the train together and continued to chat. I then asked what he would like me to pray for…and then I prayed for him on the train. He was very appreciative and said it took him back to memories of Africa, when they would be blessed any time they visited someone’s house. Conversation moved on but he brought it back I think at least twice, and eventually said that he had been here 19 years and no-one had ever prayed for him. He then began to bless me, and in the name of Allah!!!! So was very encouraged with that.
After my meeting in London, I headed back towards the train station. I was stopped by a man wanting 30p off me. He said he was an alcoholic and wanted to make some drink. So a dilemma! He was just being honest and expressing his need….He didn’t seem drunk at the time. He said he was just being honest. So I did give him the 30p but asked if I could pray for him. So I prayed and as I did so he asked if I could pray for his daughter, who had died and also if Jesus would help him off the need for alcohol.

01/04/2015 Tony
I was feeling tired last Monday - anyway I ended up speaking to three lots of two’s in town which was very positive. One particular young man from Cliddesden was asking a lot of questions.
With the last couple they seem to have had a lover’s tiff and I ended up praying for their relationship. I quitted whilst winning which helped to restore my confidence through a couple of rejections last week.

31/03/2015 - Paul
Just had an amazing conversation with the husband of a lady I had prayed for a few weeks ago. The couple had come in to Money Lifeline and the lady was limping very badly and could hardly put her foot to the floor. When they left, I ran down the stairs after them and offered to pray. They were happy for me to pray (although the lady herself was cautious). This lady really needs a touch from God….
The next day, she was walking normally! The message was that she wanted to thank me for praying and whereas she had been sceptical when I had prayed, that she is now a “believer”!
I just want to Praise God that, on their journey, this couple have moved a bit closer to Jesus. I am encouraged to pray more for her complete healing for her physical condition and emotional damage.

31/03/2015 – Margie
I had the opportunity to pray with a lady this afternoon. Was out with my dog, Meggie, she is normally really good when we are out and trots along beside me. Today we were on the way home and she decided to run a different way, towards a lady sat on a bench with a puppy. Meggie refused to come my way which is unusual. I reached the lady and she just said "I’m sat on the bench feeling lazy because I've got a cold". Only one thing to do - pray and share Jesus with her. She was very appreciative. Even the dog is beginning to be led by the Spirit.

30/03/15 - Paul
After all the discussion today about what to do with rejection, I felt I was led to go a certain place on my way home to speak with someone there. This turned about to be a total rejection – ‘Christianity was a fraud’!
What was God saying? ‘That’s what they said to Me on the cross’. The Lord of all Glory, the Son of God called a fraud and imposter! He came to his own but was rejected. And I was privileged to feel some of that rejection. What a joy that was – thank you Lord! The next person I spoke to turned out to be Christian and one of the town chaplains. That was a real encouragement and I said I would pray that he would have more opportunities to talk about Jesus.
What was God saying? ‘Which one would you rather talk to, the hard one or the easy one – the one who rejected or the one who was already a Christian?’ That’s a stark choice and a difficult question to answer, but I think of those two, I would rather risk rejection and get an opportunity to show a bit of Jesus’ love in a dark place.

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