Who We Are


We are a church made up of people of different ages and from different social, educational and racial backgrounds.

We are a community seeking to live in a Christ-like way for God’s glory. We believe that God has brought us together as a people to live out, personally and corporately, his life of truth and love both to one another and to others.

We believe that every member is significant and has a place of belonging and service. We believe that being Christians affects the whole of life, whether in the home, at work, in the neighbourhood or wherever we are in society.

Therefore, we aim to bring the good news of Jesus to our community and be a transforming influence to it. Currently, we have members involved in the leadership of local schools and the Tadley Citizens' Advice Bureau. 

Tadley Community Church draws its members mainly from Tadley and the surrounding villages of Ashford Hill, Baughurst, Kingsclere, Pamber End, Pamber Heath, Silchester and Mortimer. 

As a church we belong to Basingstoke Community Churches and we are involved with the other churches in Tadley through CTAT (Churches Together around Tadley), having a number of joint events throughout the year.

We also have a number of international involvements, with members of our church serving overseas. We have particularly strong links with Tanzania and Mexico. 

Tadley Community Church

Tadley Community Centre Newchurch Road Tadley RG26 4HN United Kingdom 0118 212 0898

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