Understanding the Times

26th July 2017

This week I have been reading 1 Chronicles. It’s part one of the historical account of Israel from King Saul to the destruction of Jerusalem (around 586BC). It was written for the Jews who were returning to Jerusalem some years after their exile reminding them that they were still God’s chosen people. Chapters 10-29 deal with the life of David, and in chapter 12 it lists all those who joined with him as him became king. From the tribe of Issachar it says they were...

...men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do - 200 chiefs, with all their relatives under their command...
1 Chronicles 12:32 The NIV Bible

This is a fascinating insight! The tribe of Issachar ‘understood the times’ in which they lived and also knew what Israel should do! There’s something in this for us! As God’s people I believe it’s really important that we don’t remove ourselves from society and be separate. Instead, we should seek to understand what is going on in our world today, thinking deeply about the many social and moral issues and engaging with culture. Alongside that, we need to be thoroughly immersed in the Bible so that we know God’s heart and ways. Then let’s bring those two together and ask God to help us to know what to do in every aspect of life...

Gary Bastin - TC church leader

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