Work & Rest

8th March 2017

This week I have been reading Leviticus! It’s title means ‘that which relates to the Levites’, as most of it contains various instructions God gave to Moses on how to run the Tabernacle, their place of ‘worship’. In chapter 23 God informs Moses about certain ‘feasts’ He wanted Israel to remember and celebrate annually. God begins the list by saying...

“There are six days for you to work, but the seventh day will be a special day of rest. It is a day for a holy meeting; you must not do any work. It is a Sabbath to the Lord in all your homes.” Lev 23:3 The NCV Bible

It’s interesting that at the start of this list of yearly feasts that God begins by restating the weekly rhythm of work and rest. You have to go right back to Genesis and the account of creation to see where God instigated the idea of a week with work and a Sabbath. Work is a good thing! It’s a blessing to be able to do something productive as ‘work’. I have spoken to frustrated people who are unemployed and want to ‘work’! Most of our time is spent working - be that paid or unpaid! God is also aware that we need to rest, and so He built in ‘rest’ (Sabbath) for Israel. I believe this reveals the heart of God: He made humans and designed us to work, but also to rest. Today people talk about having a good ‘work-life’ balance? So how are you doing, are you both working and resting hard?

Gary Bastin - TC church leader

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