Basingstoke Community Churches



Basingstoke Community Churches is a Company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales number 3476768, and a registered charity number 1067316.

The company is not ‘owned’ in the regular sense of the word but there are ‘members’ of the company who act as the owners in law – they are all part of the church.

The Trustees of the churches are also the Directors of the Charitable Company. They are: Colin Grant (chair), Mark Holley, Mike Poulton, David Robotham, Jon Smith, Andy Taylor, and Philip Wraight.

The governing document of the Company is the Memorandum & Articles of Association. There have been some minor amendments to this over the years and these are shown in the Appendix to Memorandum & Articles of Association.

The Governance Handbook is published mainly as a guide to Trustees and contains links to many of our policies and procedures.

Volunteers are expected to comply with a number of policies within the Staff Handbook and these are indicated on the contents page.

Many legal and financial details are contained in the latest audited version of our Annual Report and Accounts.

Our Privacy Notice contains information about how we handle your personal data, in accordance with GDPR Regulations.