New Missional Communities

Throughout the country and across the world new forms of Church community are springing up, centred on Christ and focussed on mission. We want to play our part in this emerging movement and believe God is leading us along this path. We want to affirm what we see God already doing and to encourage others of us to consider whether God has particular mission fields in which we can live and work.

Frequently the mission focus grows out of a shared vision and heart for particular geographical areas, particular people groups, or particular third place emphases (such as Costa coffee or the gym). 

This part of the web site gives us an opportunity to highlight any new communities and to invite contribution and involvement. 

The current boundaries of our six churches must not be a restriction to our ability to respond to the opportunities God gives us, and to pursuing the passions God has placed in our own hearts. We want our ‘walls to be low’ between our churches and with other non-BCC churches. And so we are encouraging co-operation around mission. Rather than thinking everything must be done within the confines of our own congregations we want to encourage a mind-set that looks beyond ourselves and connects with others who have a passion for mission similar to our own.

One of our four arrows is that of pioneering. We want to release new pioneering initiatives shaped around mission and with room to experiment. Not everything tried will succeed, nor will everything be long term. But we trust that as we seek to follow the Spirit’s leading and what He has put in our hearts, some of what we begin will become established and will reach some of the many who do not yet enjoy knowledge of Christ.

Please look at the PDF titled 'Missional and Third Place Communities' by Simon Shaw (principal of King's Bible College & Training Centre).

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