Basingstoke Community Churches




Forge sphere - a partner of Basingstoke Community Churches


This is the name for the sphere of churches in this part of the UK to which we belong. Forge currently comprises of eleven churches and has three clear emphases:

1. To strengthen one-another’s churches

2. To develop leaders together

3. To consider ways in which we could do mission together

This all emanates from a desire to create mutually beneficial relationships for both leaders, and the churches they represent. Regular events are organised for connection and equipping. Forge is led collaboratively by its church leaders under the leadership of Phil Norris.

Salt & Light International ministries - a partner of Basingstoke Community Churches

Salt & Light

An international family of churches of which we are also a part. It has developed and grown over the last 40 plus years, originally under the leadership of Barney Coombs, who was the Pastor in Basingstoke in the 1960s and 70s. Leadership has changed over the years, but the emphasis on relationships being key in both the local church and wider network remain. It is from these relationships that any shared vision, shared equipping and shared accountability come. To find out more about the Salt & Light family history, values, vision, initiatives and priorities please visit